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How Much Does It Cost For Tile Roofing?

Jan 15


Actual costs depend on the job size, conditions and any options.

Unit Costs: How Pros Price

Roofing companies in Rochester provide up-to-date estimates based on current Unit Prices. This is in contrast to other websites which publish pricing for unrelated jobs. The Unit Price method provides high accuracy because it uses location details and specifics and offers options to meet individual job requirements.


 For transparency, accuracy, and fair profits, the unit cost method is used by contractors, design, maintenance, and trade businesses.

Cost to Install a Tile Roof


Higher costs will be charged for work not listed on this page, as well as work done by master craftsmen using premium materials or project supervision. Find out more about the clay tile roof installation labor options here and the material prices.


These estimates should not be considered substitutes for professionally written quotations. Homewyse recommends that you consult reputable professionals to get an accurate assessment of the work required and the cost for your project before making any commitments.


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This is the cost estimate


  • Transport costs to and from the Jobsite by local material/equipment delivery and service provider.
  • Preparation costs for Tile Roofing Installation. This includes the price to protect existing structures, finishes, materials, and components.
  • For small jobs, labor setup time, mobilization and minimum hourly costs are expected.
  • Relocating, repairing, changing, or altering existing framing, surfacing or plumbing systems and bringing them into compliance with current building codes.
  • Testing and remediation costs for hazardous materials (asbestos or lead, etc.) ).
  • Overhead and markup fees for general contractors to organize and supervise the Tile Roofing Installation. If a general contractor is involved in the project, add 13% to 22%.
  • Materials and supplies are subject to sales tax.
  • Your local building department will require you to pay permit or inspection fees, or a portion thereof, for your entire project.