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New Haven, IN Roofing Contractor: Common Problems Encountered By Outdated Roofs

Jan 12

New Haven, IN’s roots and foundations can be seen in the extraordinary buildings that give the city its internationally recognized charm and character. Many of these buildings feature old-style roofs made with materials now long since gone. These old roofs are vulnerable to the natural environment and require regular attention to maintain efficiency and function. Unfortunately, many city property owners in New Haven, IN, either don’t know the signs or cannot spot that these roofs need repair or replacement. New Haven has a moderately humid climate, with long summers and a harsh winter that can easily result in general repairs and maintenance issues with the city’s roofs.


Causes of Outdated Roof Issues


Uneven, cracked, and worn down shingles – The harsh weather that the city endures can quickly cause wear and tear on the shingles of a roof, thus reducing its efficiency in keeping out water and the elements. Sun exposure can also cause shingles to fade and become brittle, making them prone to cracking and erosion. Contact our New Haven Roofing Contractor today.


Poor Roof Maintenance – Property owners need regular roof maintenance and repairs to keep the roof functioning and to last for a long time. This includes checking for globs of asphalt, mold, moss, and other growths in the roofing material.


Animal Activity – Animals of all sorts, such as bats, bees, birds, squirrels, rodents, and raccoons, can often nest and make their homes in or on the roof. This can severely damage the roof’s overall integrity if not addressed promptly.


Clogged gutters – Rain and snow accumulation in the gutters can lead to the water not draining correctly. This can lead to waterlogging, eventually causing damage to the roof.


Impact of Weather –  Harsh weather is a necessity of life in New Haven and, unfortunately, can also cause significant damage to New Haven Roofing. High winds, rain, and snow can easily cause wear and tear on the roof. They can also cause debris or tree limbs to fall on the roof, resulting in additional damage.

Finding A Reliable New Haven Roofer


When finding a reliable New Haven roofer, look no further than Elite Roofing. Elite Roofing is a local, family-run New Haven Roofing Company with two generations of experience in the field. Their team is highly trained and knowledgeable in all matters relating to roofing, and they specialize in installing, restoring, and upgrading older, weather-worn roofs.


The team at Elite Roofing understands the unique climate and construction features of New Haven's rooftops and can provide personalized advice, support, and solutions tailored to each case. Whether you require a complete roof replacement or simply need some patchwork repairs done, Elite can help with extensive and experienced knowledge. Hire us for quality New Haven Roof Installation and New Haven Roof Replacement services.


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