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7 Top Roof Repair Tips

Nov 29

Repairing your roof isn't something homeowners will want to do by themselves however, for small repairs, and for those who have the minimum of basic roofing and construction experience There are occasions where a simple do it yourself roofing repair job is feasible.

For efficiency, speed and safety it is essential not to overlook these 7 roofing repair tips:

1. Always Use Matching Shingles

You might only have for replacement of a couple of shingles, and you think that an exact identical color, design and model won't matter. Consider reconsidering your assumptions. Small variations in the type of shingle can be noticeable from the distance. A perfect match is essential in order to keep your "curb appeal" and not affect the value of your property.

2. Wear Rubber-soled Shoes On Roof Tops

If you're adept enough to maintain your balance on a roof to do roof repairs, make sure that you're prepared to the event. Wearing long pants (preferably pants) and a long-sleeved shirt are suggested. The most important thing is to wear shoes with rubber soles that hold the roof in place - lack of grip could lead to slippery slips and falls.

3. Do What You Can To Salvage Shingles

Sometimes you can save your old shingles, and save yourself from buying new ones or getting in a position where you're not able to match your shingles due to the fact that the product is no longer available. You could make use of roofing cement as well as roofing nails to help keep shingles that are curled up down. If they're hard it is possible to soften the shingles using a heating gun to ensure they don't break when you try to push them up the roof.

4. Know When To Replace VS Repair

If you only have a few areas of your roof have been in need of repair, perform a the roof repair in a short time. Don't spend time or cash fixing what should be replaced. There are a variety of ways to determine the different from the appearance of bare shingles or have gutters that are clogged with dust, shingles which easily break or curl up and will not come back down, or the simple the fact that they're old and have the expiration of the warranty from the manufacturer.

5. Pay Close Attention To Flashing & Vents

If flashing is unfastened or has gaps, it needs to be fixed to the roof using nails or roof cement. Even if the caulk is still in place, but it is cracked it could allow leaks through. Make sure to seal vents, flashings, and chimneys in order to prevent an expensive roof leak!

6. Don't Leave Nail Heads Exposed

In the beginning, you should make use of galvanized or aluminum nails that aren't likely to rust easily. Be sure to secure all nails that are underneath the shingle above the shingle they're. If this isn't feasible then make sure to put the roof sealant, caulk or even caulk on your nail head.

7. Know When It's Time To Call The Pros

Prudence is the best part of bravery, and chewing too much than what you're able to chew isn't an act of valor. If you aren't sure how to fix a roofing problem, and don't have the time or expertise to tackle it or feel comfortable in doing it, don't hesitate to contact a professional roofing contractor. Make sure you look up BBB. BBB and review online reviews to locate a trustworthy, local contractor within East Texas.