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5 Signs that it's time for a gutter replacement

Mar 11

5 Signs that it's time for a gutter replacement

When to Replace Gutters

You are starting to notice leaks in your gutters. You might also notice that your gutters are being damaged by a tree branch. Here are five signs it is time to have a new gutter installed.
Your gutters may not function properly, and water can seep into your ground. This water can get into your foundation, causing irreparable and severe damage.
But how do you know when your gutters stop working? How do you know when your gutters need to be replaced and not cleaned?

These are 5 signs that your gutters need to be replaced.

1. Gutter Cracks & Splits
Make sure to check for cracks when you clean your gutters. Although they may seem small, these cracks quickly turn into bigger problems that could lead to serious leaks. These leaks can lead to irreparable damages to the foundation of your house. This is especially true for those who live in areas where temperatures fall below freezing. When water freezes, it becomes ice and expands within your gutter cracks.

2. Gutter Rust
It depends on the material of your gutters if they rust. Galvanized steel gutters may seem to prevent this from happening, but homeowners often assume otherwise. The water starts to eat away at the metal as their protective layers start to peel.
You can spot orange spots on your gutters to tell if they are rusting. These orange spots are particularly noticeable where your gutters meet your house. You must immediately replace your gutters if you find signs of rust.

3. Your Home's Mold and Mildew Smell
As we have already mentioned, gutters protect your home's foundation. Your gutters may not be functioning correctly if you notice water pooling around your home.
Another sign is the sudden onset of mildew or mold odors. Your problem could be more serious than you might think. This could be a sign that mold has already started to grow in the foundation of your house.

4. Sagging Gutters
Gutter sagging can occur when gutters are too heavy. They could be showing signs of debris buildup and need to be cleaned. If they are full or swollen, this could be a sign they need to be replaced.
In extreme cases, gutters may pull away and cause damage to the house. It doesn't matter what, your gutters may not be working as designed.

5. Peeling Paint on Gutters
Gutter types come with a protective coating that helps them resist extreme weather conditions. If you notice small pieces of paint peeling, it could indicate that water is getting through the protective layer.

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